Monogram Appliances is Bringing Major Updates to our 1980's Kitchen

Appliances are an important part of some of the most used rooms in the house like the kitchen and utility room. But gone are the days where you had to settle for appliances that weren’t exactly pleasing to the eye or all that functional. With today’s technological advances appliances are becoming more helpful than ever before, and one of the leaders in this industry is Monogram Appliances, the luxury brand within GE Appliances.

In today’s edition of “Ask the Experts”, we're chatting with Alexandra Skobel of Monogram Appliances to get the scoop on everything you need to know about appliances and what will be going into our newly renovated, Monogram kitchen!


Modern Updates

Monogram Appliances is bring the perfect balance of exceptional craftsmanship, performance, and high-tech appliances to our dated Kitchen.


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Bringing our 1925 home into the 21st Century with Symbio Lighting & Control

Today, technology for the home is so much more than speakers and security. It’s what allows you to control and customize all aspects of your lighting and entertainment systems from anywhere in your home and on the go. Gone are the days of the in-wall intercom system (there actually was one when we bought the house!).

In today’s edition of “Ask the Experts”, we’re speaking with TJ Morgan, Senior Sales Manager at Symbio Lighting + Control, about Symbio’s role in The Boulevard Show House.


Repurposed closet

Symbio will be transforming this hallway closet to house all of the wiring, equipment and technology for the entire house. 


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Sneak Peek of the Foyer & Staircase

The Boulevard Show House is currently down to the frame, with new walls and flooring coming in soon. It’s kind of a mess over there right now - but it's safe to say I’m leaving all that in the hands of the experts.

But since we're making huge progress in construction, it's time to start planning for furnishings. We still have a long way to go before anything is installed but I’ve already begun to pull my inspiration images and selections for the interior of my home…I’m super excited for this part (obvi)!

My design board is all about the graphic black and white combo with accents of metal and neutral details. I want my guests to be greeted with a timeless, and classic color palette when they enter my home. 

Patrick Duffy - Minutes and Seconds

Foyer Artwork

The artwork for this space is so pretty so hopefully I can land this piece. It’s an abstract piece that meshes soft pastels with a cool pattern, which is a nice balance to the metallic and bold colors of this space. It’s called Minutes and Seconds by Patrick Duffy via The Gremillion Gallery

Head on over to the Laura U blog to check out a little sneak peek into the design of my foyer and staircase! 

Q&A with Blue River Custom Builders

With most of the walls stripped to the studs and the first floor to the trusses (you can see through to the basement), I haven’t been spending a ton of time hanging out there. Soon enough the subfloors and sheetrock will go in but, in the meantime, I am happy to share some updates with you all. Today we are sitting down with the talented Tylor Hearn, owner of Blue River Custom Builders, for an info-packed edition of “Ask the Experts.”


Renovation Experts

Tylor and Jose are making our renovation dreams come to life! They ensure each room is constructed according to our plans - from foundation to electrical and everything in between.

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We're thrilled to have Newberry Architecture as one of our Build Partners for the Boulevard Show House.

On the blog today, we're sharing a Q&A interview with Gina Brown, Principal Architect, about some unique design challenges she's encountered while working on our home.


Unique Challenges

For us, one of the most important goals of this house was to unify it, not only on its own property but with the neighborhood. It has been a challenge to take a structure that someone else put in place, that is very foreign to the original style of the home and try to bring it back to keeping with the intent of the original architecture.  So though, it's been challenging to get that all cohesive, I'm really excited about the end result.


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