Monogram Appliances is Bringing Major Updates to our 1980's Kitchen

Appliances are an important part of some of the most used rooms in the house like the kitchen and utility room. But gone are the days where you had to settle for appliances that weren’t exactly pleasing to the eye or all that functional. With today’s technological advances appliances are becoming more helpful than ever before, and one of the leaders in this industry is Monogram Appliances, the luxury brand within GE Appliances.

In today’s edition of “Ask the Experts”, we're chatting with Alexandra Skobel of Monogram Appliances to get the scoop on everything you need to know about appliances and what will be going into our newly renovated, Monogram kitchen!


Modern Updates

Monogram Appliances is bring the perfect balance of exceptional craftsmanship, performance, and high-tech appliances to our dated Kitchen.


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