Preservation Houston is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation founded in 1978 as Greater Houston Preservation Alliance. Members include individuals, corporations and organizations.


Preservation Houston depends on donations, membership fees, grant funding and ticket sales for tours and events to fulfill its mission.

Preservation Houston is Houston's only citywide organization advocating for historic preservation.

Since 1978, Preservation Houston has voiced strong support for better public policy and protection of our irreplaceable historic resources. Our members, volunteers and staff are committed to preserving the best of our community's architectural and cultural heritage.

Advocacy is the area where Preservation Houston has had the most impact and, by necessity, the least public visibility. Preservation Houston often works behind the scenes to achieve its goals. The approach is businesslike and not confrontational.

When a building is threatened, Preservation Houston uses its extensive network of contacts to make an appointment with the owner. Typically, our representatives will bring architects, engineers and developers to discuss the merits of historic preservation with a property owner and present the economic data demonstrating the value of restoration versus demolition. Preservation Houston continuously tracks threats to historic buildings and, when appropriate, contacts public officials and promotes media coverage of endangered properties to increase public awareness.